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Our number one goal is to produce the quality cowdog that the cattle industry demands and a training program geared to fit cattle producers both large and small.

If you are thinking about buying a cowdog, here are some tips:


Selection is the first priority. A dog must have the desire to work and control cattle from birth. Decide what type job you need your dog to do, then start looking for a dog. If a trained dog is what you have in mind, watch the dog work, ask questions about the dog, work with the dog and the owner while penning some cows. Before you make up your mind, ask yourself, can this dog do the job that you need him to do. If you are looking for a pup, be sure and watch the parents work. that will help you pick a quality pup.

Cowdogs have always been associated with wild cattle and poorly managed programs. In fact, most of the time, dogs are used as a last resort. If we will take the time to dog break our cattle, one trained cowdog will be able to handle 50 - 100 head depending on the quality of dog, type of cattle and the condition of the pasture. The same cowdog that can break wild cattle can pen five head of light weight calves without harm. A trained cowdog can also be helpful in the sorting pen, as well as doctoring sick yearlings without chasing cattle from one end of the pasture to the other. A trained cowdog is definitely an asset , not a liability.


Now accepting deposits on Mercy puppies due early January!!

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